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Fall for Stevie and The First Smoke Release

by Bob Moses

The abiding principle of pop is love. Wanna-hold-your-hand love, do-you-wanna-dance love, hello-it’s-me love, god-only-knows love.

R. Stevie Moore practices pop. He’s got the pedigree and a 30-year catalogue to prove it. And as it’s Valentine’s Day, now’s the right time to debut the first of a series of tracks from Smoke’s original, exclusive sessions with the all-time champion of DIY. Handpicked and recorded by Don Fleming at Think Tank Studios in Hoboken, the Smoke sessions are Stevie’s first studio, band recordings produced by someone other than Stevie. There are 14 tracks in total, and we’ll release them throughout the coming year.

RSM at Music HallRSM at Music Hall

Our first selection couldn’t be more appropriate for the season of love — and it’s a free download, so, forward to your dream lover. "I've Begun To Fall In Love" is a heartfelt expression from the tremulous brink of romance, made more poignant by not being a mere teenage fling. Stevie is cherished by the left-of-center rock community for maintaining his own vision and blending both pop classicism with outsider expression. His fans and collaborators have included Jad Fair, David Byrne, artist David Shrigley, Dr. Dog and many, many others.

Buy a bouquet, pop the cork on the champagne, and put Stevie on the box.

Click here to download "I've Begun To Fall In Love"

Photo above: Jacob Blickenstaff; inset photo by Max

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